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Ephemeral Content

Ephemeral content is social media content that lasts only a short time before disappearing. Its rise in popularity began with Snapchat and now other platforms like Instagram and Facebook have become even stronger in this realm. While ephemeral content is fleeting, it has proven to have staying power as a communications tool. Las year, AdWeek predicted this tool to have big impact in 2018. That is proving true, as ephemeral content is becoming a part of the social media strategy of many brands.

As with each strategy in any marketing plan, you must first determine if it is worth investing your […]

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Video Story Telling

Video’s value for exposure and engagement through online media continues to rise. At Global Marketing Solutions (GMS) we continue to find ways, both creative and strategic, for our clients to take advantage of that value. For our client Gulf Shores and Orange Beach Tourism, GMS uses video to tell insider stories about the area through its residents, entrepreneurs and artists in a series called Coastal Characters. The concept uses the video in a documentary style, across several online platforms including website and social channels.

Maya and Nick Cantrell talk about living where they work and loving where they […]

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Incorporating Instagram Stories

Instagram is known as a platform that allows for and actually feeds on, individuality, visual creativity and personal (or brand) style. Its huge audience has now made it the leading the social platform for Stories. While Instagram stories are great fun, they are emerging as a tool with strategic benefits for marketers. Let’s look at why:

  • Every day, 200 million people tune in to watch Instagram stories. It has surpassed Snapchat by far and is one of the fastest growing platforms out there.
  • Instagram stories are discoverable, meaning people who aren’t following you can still search for or stumble upon […]
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Stories: Is Snapchat or Instagram for You?

Businesses sometimes feel the need to quickly adopt new social media platforms or features in order to stay top-of-mind with their audience. At GMS we sometimes recommend that. Being nimble is important. We believe, though, being strategic is paramount. That sometimes means not doing it all. Choosing the best option, based on your target markets and your goals, is a much better decision than choosing all the options just because they’re there – unless of course, you have unlimited budgets and resources.

One of the latest options being debated by many is the use of stories in social […]

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Is Hiring a Marketing Company Cost Effective?

Small businesses are the heart and soul of local communities. They are also the foundation of most local economies. For 13 years, Global Marketing Solutions has worked with small businesses to develop and implement marketing plans that help them prosper. Most find working with a company like ours the most effective and cost-efficient way to market their products and services. Consider this:

If you’re a small business owner, you most likely have a passion and a skill set that are fundamental to the type and quality of product or service you provide. To be successful, you must also […]

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YouTube is in the Local Search Business

Are you using location tagging to make your video easier to find? Tagging your location on your videos and live streams lets users find them if they are searching that location or watching other videos that were tagged in the same location. Many brands are finding it very useful for real-time promotion of live events.

Viewers can see tagged locations on the watch page on any public or shared video. They then can click on the location to search for other public videos tagged there.

This relatively new tagging option is noteworthy as it will help YouTube compete with other platforms search […]

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Top Three Social Media Trends – And Your Relevance

For social media marketers, it’s a jungle out there. Amid the continuing challenges of the decline of organic reach across the board, fatigue resulting from more, more, more tools and tactics, and ever-changing challenge of social media ROI metrics, the landscape can look daunting. As we continue to navigate for our clients, GMS always has an eye forward for what’s next.

Here are the top trends GMS clients are addressing this year. The challenge in each area is the same: Staying real and relevant. There’s an old saying about good advertising being the best way […]

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Social Content and Search Rankings

Social signals – shares and engagement such as likes, retweets, votes, and pins – indicate to search engines that consumers are interacting with and responding to your brand.

But are these signals a factor in your search rankings? While opinions are varied on the specific value they deliver, the prevailing wisdom is that there is a correlation that cannot be ignored. This correlation exists between your strong content, content with lots of engagement, and higher SEO rankings and domain authority.

The plus? If your content is strong enough to earn engagement from your audience, chances are it’s also good enough to get […]

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Does an HTTPS Website Matter?

Websites, well-functioning websites, are the lifeblood of many businesses. Today’s prevailing opinion is that your site should be protected with HTTPS (Hypertext Transport Protocol Security). HTTPS helps prevent prowlers from interfering with the communications between your website and your viewers’ browsers. Those interferences can range from harmless cookies, to annoying ads to malicious intruders.

While this level of security was, in the past, important for any site collecting sensitive information, today the need goes beyond that. Aside from providing critical security in today’s ever-changing cyber-active world, HTTPS is a requirement for many new browsers and applications. These sites are increasingly seeing […]

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Our Top Three Social Media Challenges for 2018

Global Marketing Solutions (GMS), has built a reputation early on as social media strategists. We are known for researching, effectively implementing and evaluating social media marketing programs. To continue to do that, we must stay in tune to current trends as well as new developments.

Those developments many times seem like the very platforms we use effectively are punishing us for our success. Instead of walking away, GMS clients have opportunities to develop new strategies and get out in front of the changes. Here are the top challenges we’re dealing with for our clients so far this year.

Finding sustainable solutions to […]

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