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The Best List – Chat Apps, Customer Experience and a New Website

Welcome to this issue of The Best List. In this email, learn more about chat and messenger apps, how to up your Pinterest game, creating better visuals, and how video is impacting bandwidth. And that’s just the beginning! We hope you enjoy this one during these hot summer days. Added bonus: a new website for you to enjoy, featuring the work of Colette Boehm, Inc.

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The Best List – Crack the Code, Be Remembered, and More

Welcome to the latest issue of The Best List. We’ve gathered up some good reads for you to take a look at during this hot and busy season. Here you’ll find articles on the internet as a utility, Millennials’ favorite brands, some Instagram helpers and more. We hope you enjoy these bite-sized pieces of marketing pixie dust!

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What’s Missing on Your Website

Your business website is how you connect with potential customers, build a following, and sell products and services. Are you creating a new site from scratch or revisiting an old one? If your website doesn’t include these essential elements, you are missing out on opportunities:

What's missing on your websiteSocial media buttons – When you add social media links to your site, you’re making it easy for users to connect with you on these platforms. Simply adding icons for your social media links will vastly increase your followers, likes, etc. Integrate your […]

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Seven Tips to Rock Facebook Live Video

The addition of Facebook Live has quickly plunged the social network into the world of live-streaming. Facebook’s massive global reach is set to bring the technology to a bigger audience than ever.

What makes a Facebook Live video successful? It can be any mix of things. Maybe your content is a tutorial aimed at a specific audience or maybe it’s a fun attraction you want to expose your audience to, like this one for we shot for our client, Gulf Shores & Orange Beach Tourism. It aired recently and received more than 800 likes, over 350 shares, 16,000 views, and reached […]

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Top 9 Ideas for Better Business Blog Posts

unnamedBlogging on a regular basis will establish your brand as the industry expert. However, consistently brainstorming new content for blog posts can be a daunting task. Are you fresh out of blog post ideas for your brand? Below, we’ve compiled a list of topics to help with your writer’s block.

1.) Assemble numbered lists. Whether they consist of top websites, products, resources or tips, lists serve as a resource guide for your readers.

2.) Report on a festival or event. Your readers want to stay in the know on happenings, so be informative.

3.) Get […]

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Seven Tips for Writing Effective Blogs

GMS 2Creating successful blog content is more than pecking out 400 words on a computer screen. Effective content provides valuable information to your readers. Depending on your brand’s focus and voice, exceptional content will elicit an emotion from your readers. Below are seven tips to help you master the art of blog writing.

  1. Captivate your target audience. Keep your readers engaged by knowing exactly what will resonate with them as it pertains to your business. Write your blog in a conversational tone while avoiding the over usage of words and phrases. For […]
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Why Live-Streaming Events Is Beneficial to Your Business

GMS 1Have you used any of the live-streaming apps or sites available now? If you have, you know that live-streaming video is fantastic for real-time audience engagement. But what other benefits can your company enjoy?

Generate a Bigger Audience

Any event has geographical and physical restrictions, no matter the location. Streaming your event live on the web makes it accessible to a worldwide audience, which means attendance will exceed any capacity limitations a physical event would have. Don’t forget to reference your brand name throughout the broadcast, while using suitable titles and hashtags.

“Live-streaming is […]

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Tips for Social Post Success

SocialPostAn effective digital marketing strategy is obtained when you have efficient content that captivates an audience. Content marketers should use carefully crafted posts that are attention-grabbing, up-to-date, informative and relevant.

Writing successful social posts is a skill that lies in being able to attract the audience with a powerful statement or question, and giving a clear direction on what you want them to do next – which, in many cases, leads them to click a link to more information.

“Social media success starts with developing an effective content strategy,” states GMS social expert Jessica […]

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How to Protect Your Online Name with Reputation Management

ProtectIn business, your online reputation is everything. With online reviews, it’s possible for consumers to share their opinions, both positive and negative, through a variety of different channels. Thanks to social media and review sites like Yelp, you can swiftly build an excellent online reputation. “Managing your online reputation should be an important part of your digital marketing plan and strategy. Effective reputation management will lead to happy, loyal customers . . . and more of them!” –Brandi Boykin, social media expert, GMS

Providing your company and brand with a voice is one […]

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Top Ways to Promote a Business Utilizing Social Media

unnamed (1)Networking on major social media sites is essential for small business promotion. It’s a fantastic way to get your brand on the internet while connecting with potential customers. For each of the social media platforms below, we’ve listed the top ways to promote your business


  • Facebook – This social site has a larger audience than any of the others, making it a vital platform for business promotion. Ad manager tools on this platform are easily understood and simple to operate. Quickly learn to create a campaign that includes custom and lookalike […]
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