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Meet our Client Brett/Robinson: Connecting with Live Stream Videos

Live Streaming Video

The rise of video’s popularity offers lots of opportunities for creative engagement, building stronger connections with customers. Global Marketing Solutions is helping several clients take advantage of those video opportunities to stay out front. One of those businesses is Brett/Robinson Vacation Rentals, a longstanding client and a mainstay of the Alabama Gulf Coast tourism community. One of the largest vacation rental companies in the region, Brett/Robinson has built a reputation as a go-to source for beachfront family vacation lodging. They’ve also built long-lasting relationships […]

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Turn On the Productivity by Tuning Out the Clutter

Work ProductivityOh, the distractions! There are so many distractions fighting for our attention every day. Whether you’re researching potential clients or reviewing a product or service, if your tasks involve internet use, the distractions can be crippling to your productivity. Straying from your scheduled tasks can cost you time, money and momentum.

There is hope for the seemingly terminally distracted who must work online. In fact, there’s an app for that. More than one. Internet-blocking applications offer options that allow users to choose to temporarily block access to the sites that distract them most, […]

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Five Ways to Keep Your Sanity During Budget Season

The process of envisioning and developing a marketing plan can be the most exciting time of year for many businesses. But the nuts and bolts of planning a timeline and a budget can be daunting for some. Here are some common-sense ways to keep you grounded and sane during budget season.

Budget Season Tips

  1. Start early! That sounds easy enough, but often the first step in the process is the most difficult. The reward, though, is immeasurable. Getting started early, or at least on time, makes every other aspect of the planning cycle easier. […]
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Coastal Characters Tell Stories Through Video

Coastal Characters Video Sugarcane Jane

Our work with Gulf Shores & Orange Beach Tourism gives us the opportunity to meet a host of Coastal Characters who consider this not only a destination but their home. One of our recent interviews was with Sugarcane Jane, a popular musical duo known throughout the region for their unique and versatile style. The couple balances their celebrity with their family life, all on a foundation of true love for their coastal home.

The Coastal Characters project combines two of the most effective […]

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Photo Tips for Creating Social Media Visuals

It’s said that content is king. If that’s the case, visual content is king of the world! You’ve likely heard 65% of us are visual learners and 90% of what we absorb is visual. Online, visual content is 40 times more likely to be shared, and as marketers we know it’s a vital component and a powerful tool for engaging our audiences. We have to show them something! Consider these tips on how to grab more attention via images.

  1. Vary your visuals. Don’t be boring! While you must stay true to your brand, […]
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Five Ideas to Rock Your Marketing Plan

We spend a lot of time on marketing plans at GMS. It’s our job. Sometimes we develop them for our clients, sometimes we work together to build them. Either way, we work with clients every day to implement them. And we are constantly measuring their results and adjusting. It’s not a sit-back-’til-next-year proposition. It’s a process. The following practices make that process more effective.

  1. Have a clear vision. Set real, honest goals for what the plan needs to help your business accomplish. It sometimes seems easier on the front […]
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Meet Our Client: The Alabama Bass Trail

The Alabama Bass Trail was created in 2012 to promote Alabama as a year-round fishing destination for serious anglers. In a few short years, the trail’s Tournament Series became known for hosting some of the top tournaments in the country. The trail features 13 premier bass-fishing lakes and stretches from the mountains of North Alabama south to the Mobile Delta.

While bass may be the trail’s most famous catch, the ecological diversity of these lakes is immense and there are hundreds of species of fish to be caught. That diversity, coupled with […]

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How to Boost Your Business on Social Media Sites

You may be thinking, “I’m not naïve enough to think the simple steps below are all I need to know.” The thing is, though, they are. It’s not the number of items in the list that will get you. It’s the time and effort needed for each one of those items.

Long gone are the old days when having a social media presence was seen as a free way to market. Successfully boosting your business on the varied social media landscape takes time. The time of someone who’s getting paid, presumably. And […]

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The Advantages of Twitter Ads

Twitter’s more than 300 million active users sending 500 million tweets a day offer both opportunity and challenge for brand marketing. But with an active audience of that size and a pervasive presence in today’s communication stream, the opportunities are well worth taking on the challenges.

As a result, Twitter has become a leading social media platform for businesses, enabling brands to engage through contests, live chats and advertising. Twitter ads have become an extremely useful tool for reaching this valuable audience.

Twitter offers three types of advertising options: promoted tweets, promoted accounts […]

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Meet Our Client – Lucy Buffett

Lucy Buffett has been sharing a whole lot of Gumbo Love this summer!

The release of Lucy’s latest book – Gumbo Love, Recipes for Gulf Coast Cooking, Entertaining and Savoring the Good Life – has created quite a stir and GMS is proud to be a part of the team sharing her gift to the world.

In addition to managing social media strategies and implementation for Lucy’s popular family restaurants, LuLu’s Gulf Shores and LuLu’s Destin, we recently worked with her […]

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