A marketing intern may not yet have a full grasp of what marketing is. If you’re looking for someone to craft and direct your marketing program, we wouldn’t recommend offloading that responsibility to someone with little experience. However, interns do provide critical help when your team is struggling with a large workload.

Below are 10 tips for hiring and creating a great working relationship with your future intern.

  1. Research campus-based organizations looking to place interns. Seeking out partnerships with larger entities, particularly colleges, can ensure you have a steady stream of workers.
  2. Since interns are usually involved in classes while they work an internship, be flexible and allow them plenty of off-time to complete classwork and to rest.
  3. Assign them a variety of duties to keep them interested. From data entry to creative tasks, interns should be able to flex their skills while enjoying challenges.
  4. Interns are in a unique position to view your company from the outside and provide you with information you might not get from your current employees.
  5. Typically young and tech-savvy, interns may be able to teach your team a thing or two. When paired with a mentor from your team, everyone can benefit and grow from each other.
  6. Since internships are short-lived, be prepared with a series of projects for your intern to accomplish, and give them clear instructions.
  7. Due to ongoing classwork, interns often can’t be placed in a full-time job immediately after an internship is over. But you can develop a relationship with them and encourage them to apply with your organization after they graduate.
  8. Interns have the potential to become ideal employees because they’ve already been trained in your company’s culture.

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