GooglePlusUtilizing Google+ should be an essential part of your company’s social media strategy. Let’s look at how to make the most of this social channel.

Google+ allows you to create circles and then add other users to them. Be sure you do not overlook this tool, as it’s important for audience engagement.

The types of circles you create will depend on the type of business you run. You may find that segments of your company could be sorted by customers, potential customers, partners, clients or members.

According to Global Marketing Solutions expert Brandi Boykin, “Organize your circles tailored to those different segments and plan your posts for them accordingly. When it’s time to publish them, choose to target the circle for that particular segment.”

What is the best way to get circles organized to start targeting your business audience? The first step is to identify the different segments of your audience. Before you start to organize these segments, a specific plan should include a comprehensive customer persona-mapping exercise.

CaptureFor every group to which you are marketing, one persona is needed. “Figuring out who you are talking to is vitally important to your business. Put yourself in your customers’ shoes and go through each stage of their buying process to develop a mental connection with the audience you are speaking to,” suggests Brandi

Dining establishments will have different personas. For example, restaurants with meeting rooms available to rent for dinner parties, corporate meetings, weddings or other events will market to personas that are different than those of daily diners. Companies that manage vacation properties will have separate personas for renters and for owners.

A completed persona-mapping exercise establishes which of your customers will fit into which cycle. Expect to find that some of your customers will fit into more than one circle.

By creating intelligent circles, you will make it much easier to post specific content to specific circles and to follow the different interests.


Have you taken advantage of this tool for your business yet?