The addition of Facebook Live has quickly plunged the social network into the world of live-streaming. Facebook’s massive global reach is set to bring the technology to a bigger audience than ever.

What makes a Facebook Live video successful? It can be any mix of things. Maybe your content is a tutorial aimed at a specific audience or maybe it’s a fun attraction you want to expose your audience to, like this one for we shot for our client, Gulf Shores & Orange Beach Tourism. It aired recently and received more than 800 likes, over 350 shares, 16,000 views, and reached more than 650,000 in a brief time frame.

We’ve listed tips to help you get started:

Announce broadcast in advance. To build anticipation, be sure to let your users know at least a day before the broadcast is scheduled, if not sooner. Post reminders the morning of and then, an hour before show time. Make sure you set the broadcast to “public” before you go live so those who aren’t your Facebook fans can still see it.

Attract more followers. Users that follow your page will be notified when you go live with a broadcast, so try to attract more regular “followers” on the platform. During the stream, remind viewers to follow you so they will receive notifications each time you go live.

Write an attention-grabbing description. To encourage participation, you’ll need to write a description that motivates people to tune in, so make sure it’s accurate and compelling.

Check your connection. Double check your connection speed and reliability, and use Wi-Fi if you can. The last thing you want is for your stream to cut out in the middle of an important moment. Prepare to go live when your connection is strongest.

Engage with your viewers. Ask for feedback, respond to questions, and encourage participation. Using names when you answer questions adds to the experience of your audience. This shows appreciation to your users, while attracting new ones.

Longer broadcasts. The longer you broadcast, the more viewers you will attract. Facebook recommends no less than 10 minutes, but it’s possible to go live for up to 90 minutes.

Using a closing line. Thank your viewers for tuning in, repeat your name and/or business again, and announce the date of your next broadcast, should you know it. This will signify the end of the broadcast, letting your audience know you are signing off.

Do you have any tips for using Facebook Live?