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Suggested Video Formats for Your Social Marketing

No longer just a fun extra feature to stumble upon as you browse the web, videos are a prevalent and essential part of social media. While you might naturally think of YouTube as the only platform for videos, that is no longer the case. A wide variety of social channels are featuring their own tools for video sharing.

Video autoplay is now included on Facebook, which allows users to upload videos directly to the site. While you can still post YouTube content on Facebook, visibility of a YouTube link will be less than if you post your video directly. Both Instagram […]

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Why You Should Plan Social Media Content

Producing quality social content can require some serious time and preparation. The same applies to quality social media posts. Planning and scheduling your social media content ahead of time can do wonders for your business. Not only will it free up your time, it will boost your potential reach.

To make the process of planning easier, you must decide what topics to cover and what content to produce before the beginning of a new year. When you are planning your social media content, start by mapping out the special events. Anything that you think might be penciled in for a future […]

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