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Top Ways to Build Your Brand Identity

10268719_10152868310972178_9025203515494324341_nKeep in mind that your company’s brand identity is more than just a fancy logo. According to GMS CEO and Founder April Boone, “When it comes to brand identity, think beyond logos and all the places you can put them. Think about your core beliefs as a business or business owner, and how those should transfer to your everyday activities and how you do business.” Two ways to form a stronger business brand identity would be to engage your staff and to have a well-defined culture.

While engaging your employees in your brand […]

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Top Reasons for Developing a Brand Identity

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Brand identity is made up of visible elements that, when put together, distinguish the brand in the consumer’s mind. A brand identity begins with your logo, but also includes the style of design, tone of voice, photos and colors that format your website, promotional materials and advertising. Consistency in everything produced by your business will generate an immediately recognizable brand.

Why should your company have a brand identity? GMS expert Julie May says, “Branding sets the tone for your company. It can convey whether you are […]

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