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Why Engagement Should Be Your Ultimate Social Media Goal

UltimateGoalIn the early stages of social media (just about 10 short years ago), it was enough to create an account on the social channel of your choice and expect “them” to find you.

It was a fun, new way of connecting with your current and potential clients. You could share pretty pictures and send your followers any message you desired. “We can let people know all about our brand” was stated over and over again. There was little measurement, metrics were not openly discussed, and reporting was limited. But that was in the beginning.

Fast forward to […]

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What is a Custom Audience on Facebook?

11988220_10154245728572178_6213557137445949139_nHave you started using Facebook ads for your business? These ads are designed to provide an excellent opportunity for you to advertise to the millions of users out there. The Custom Audience feature is a powerful tool which allows you to select who of those millions your business ad will reach, including those you already know and which you would like to know. Best of all, it is affordable.

By uploading current email addresses into Facebook and then opting to only reach those names, you’ll be able to target a certain […]

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Six Reasons Your Business Should Have a Mobile App

10420363_10153718854152178_4634236449162642783_nA mobile strategy should involve more than just a mobile-friendly website. Are you under the impression that only big-name brands should have mobile apps? While that may have been true in the past, the number of midsize and small businesses developing their own app is starting to rise.

According to GMS expert Julie May, “A mobile app should give your users something more than they can get on your mobile website. Think about what features might entice users to your app again and again, then plan how you can include them in […]

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