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The Best List—Social and SEO, Gen Z, Instagram and more

Welcome to The Best List, your curated list of marketing articles for braniacs! In this issue, learn more about the relationship between social media and SEO, Gen Z and what makes them tick, why bad writing is . . . really bad, and how to optimize your efforts on Instagram. No matter your role in the marketing universe, there is sure to be something of interest in this issue. We kind of planned it that way!

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Why You Should be Snap Marketing


snapchatmarketingSnapchat is a fun, engaging social media platform where users are really open about their lives and experiences in the moment. The social network has been making headline news, which has also helped make it a household name. If you haven’t already added Snapchat to your marketing efforts, you could be missing out on great opportunities. It’s an ideal platform for conducting market research, especially for consumer products or services.

It’s hard to deny the social, cultural and financial impact of 100 million daily active users. There’s a reason why brands are clamoring to get on Snapchat: […]

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The Best List—Storytelling, Social ROI, IoT News and more

Welcome to the latest issue of The Best List, your all-things-marketing snippet list of smarts! This time, we have fascinating articles on storytelling for marketers, information on social ROI, updates from Facebook for mobile sites, some secret information from Google that’s no longer totally secret, and an article on connected . . . bottles of rum. Hey, we like to include a little something for everyone!

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6 Tips for Writing Eye-Catching Headlines

How do you get people to actually read the business blogs or articles that you create? It’s vital that you learn just what makes a headline resonate with your readers, and that means more than good content. Think of it this way: The headline is the sundae and the content is the cherry on top.

write eye-catching headlinesCheck out these need-to-know tips for creating headlines that will draw the reader’s interest.

  1. Use numbers. Starting your title with numbers will grab people’s attention. Numbers tell your reader in just a few characters what […]
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The Best List—Pokemon, Selling, Repurposing and More

Wow, this issue of The Best List is packed with marketing deliciousness! Find out why Pokemon, Go really matters, how to use incremental selling to better your bottom line, how to potentially double your email open rates, and more. Lots of how-tos here for today’s marketer, who knows it’s all about keeping up!

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Framing a Marketing Shot for Your Brand

The phrase “a picture says a thousand words” has never been more true than today. Digital images abound and beautiful photography is no longer only reserved for magazines and billboards. Your social media feeds are filled with thousands of images each day, with friends, families and brands fighting for your attention.

Marketing ShotJust like there are different strokes for different folks, so to speak, there are different shots for different marketing mediums, especially when considering social media and traditional marketing collateral. There is one main difference that some marketers forget – social […]

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How to Turn Your Customers into Brand Ambassadors

Brand AmbassadorsA brand ambassador is a spokesperson for your company, one who can help build your business by building brand awareness. Once you obtain these ambassadors, they will use and talk about your brand in a positive and relatable way, preferably to a large audience. So where are they and how do you find them?

Before you can have brand ambassadors, you need customer relationships. You must first get to know your customers before you can expect to build a relationship with them. This may first lead you to take a thorough […]

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The Best List – Chat Apps, Customer Experience and a New Website

Welcome to this issue of The Best List. In this email, learn more about chat and messenger apps, how to up your Pinterest game, creating better visuals, and how video is impacting bandwidth. And that’s just the beginning! We hope you enjoy this one during these hot summer days. Added bonus: a new website for you to enjoy, featuring the work of Colette Boehm, Inc.

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Three Ways to Score a Home Run with Event Coverage

Event CoveragePreparation before reporting on an event on social media is vitally important to you and your business. Providing relevant information to attendees, as well as those who could not attend, will reap quite a few benefits for your brand. We’ve listed below three techniques that are guaranteed to produce excellent event coverage.

  • Event hashtag – Create a hashtag specifically for your event. This will help expand brand recognition and unify all of the videos, pictures and posts that your attendees share. Encourage everyone to use the hashtag when posting about […]
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