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Making Live-Streaming Video a Part of Your Strategy

Anyone with a smartphone now has the technology to broadcast worldwide. Facebook Live has upped the game for Instagram, Snapchat and even YouTube, responding to and accelerating the craving for video across social media channels. What does this mean for your marketing efforts? It can mean great things! It’s a new avenue to provide engaging content and tell your story. And it can be simple and cost effective if you have the plan, people and tools in place.

Not produced, but planned. By definition, live-streaming is in the moment and not edited […]

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Five Tips to Reach a Local Audience with Pinterest

As social media platforms go, Pinterest is a rock star. It has 100 million users. Its content has a longer lifespan and is reported to generate more sales per click than Facebook or Twitter. Many businesses ignore its value though, because frankly, it takes more time and energy to engage the right audience. But for those with visually compelling products and messages, it can pay off.

There are two key factors for small businesses to keep in mind in order to make the most of their Pinterest presence. The first is that […]

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