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Meet Our Client: Share The Beach

We’d venture to say Global Marketing Solutions knows better than anyone that every application of our “global” solutions is different. Our strength comes in the application. The solution. Our work with Share the Beach is a prime example.

Share the Beach is a volunteer-led organization dedicated to helping protect the endangered sea turtles that nest and hatch each year on Alabama’s beaches. Their mission is one GMS believes in, so helping them improve their marketing tools and solve an internal communications issue at the same time is a […]

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Five Ways to Use Twitter for Business

Possibly more than any other social media channel, the short, immediate nature of Twitter’s strengths make it the perfect tool for integrating and sharing your brand’s relevance. While the loosening of its strict 140-character limits have given marketers a bit more freedom, Twitter is meant for brevity. As such, it’s the perfect vehicle to promote your relevant content living on other platforms and your live events happening now.

Tweet smart – Keep your content timely and relevant – and when you can, offer expert or insider information on trending topics. You and […]

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Improve Search Rank with Social Media

You’ve heard it a thousand times. Content is king. You get it. But have you “gotten it” in the context of search engine results? Have you integrated your social content into your optimization plan? Doing so can greatly improve your rankings on two fronts.

First of all, that social media content, just like your website content, is fodder for search engines. A suite of active social channels gives your business a multitude of opportunities to keep fresh, engaging content out there for searchers to land on. And, if for search results alone, […]

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