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Our Top Five Tools to Stay Connected with a Remote Team

Across the board, companies report that communication and collaboration among remote team members is an ongoing challenge. There are many shiny tools out there for communications and project management. There are lots of new ones, many good ones and some flash-in-the-pan ones. At Global Marketing Solutions, we are drawn to the effective ones. Here’s our list of essential tools for efficiency and effectiveness among our remote team and our clients.

Google Drive for Filing

Proposals, timelines, client documents, resource materials and so much more are accessed every day by […]

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Seven Ways to Increase Your Facebook Engagement

Generating organic engagement is tougher than ever, but with more than a billion Facebook users logging in each day, the audience is definitely there. Are you reaching them? Increase your fan base, generate traffic and engagement, and gather user-generated content by employing these top methods on Facebook.

  1. Use sharable content – Whether you’re offering valuable information or sharing beautiful visuals, make sure your content is worth sharing. Becoming the trusted authority or go-to source for information is key to audience loyalty. Those followers become brand ambassadors.
  2. Be visual – Study after […]
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Meet Our Client: GSOB Sports Commission

The Gulf Shores & Orange Beach Sports Commission is on a winning streak, and Global Marketing Solutions is proud to be a part of their team. With growing numbers of events and participants annually, this collaboration between Gulf Shores & Orange Beach Tourism and the cities of Gulf Shores and Orange Beach is making a significant economic impact for the businesses of Alabama’s Gulf Coast. Each year they recruit and welcome hundreds of teams and thousands of participants and spectators from throughout the country to Alabama’s beautiful […]

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