Content Marketing + Storytelling = Connections

We’ve all heard that relationships matter in sales. Customers want to connect with the businesses they support. They want to support the ones they connect with. They are more likely to purchase from someone they know. Let them get to know you!

In the realm of social media, marketers have more options than ever to allow those customers to do just that. Our team works with clients to build on the opportunities to tell their stories and to allow others to tell their story for them. The top three methods?

  • User-generated content – Invite photos, videos, comments and […]
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Social media and ROI: the discussion continues

After the explosion of social media marketing avenues and the rise of access to it, many marketers were faced with some hard questions. Once the excitement of the new media and the fascination with new platforms and technologies leveled, it was time to separate the wheat from the chaff.  The question, or series of questions, continues today: So what? What did it get us? How much did it cost us? What’s our return on investment (ROI)? Does it justify our efforts and forward our goals?

Without solid ROI measurement, executive support and therefore funding can be very difficult to sustain. In […]

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