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Is IGTV For You?

In June, Instagram launched Instagram TV (IGTV) as a long-form video option for its image-hungry users. With the success of video still burgeoning across the social media spectrum, it’s no big surprise Instagram, known as a top performer for visual content, would expand along these lines. The platform touted IGTV, which is a separate app, works in concert with Insta as mobile friendly, offering vertical, full-screen video viewing with content up to 10 minutes in length. It is simple and intuitive, offering marketers more opportunities to get – and stay – in front of their audiences.

With a less than overwhelming […]

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Video is HOT! But Just How Long Should That Video Be?

Yes, video is hot across the social media landscape, with no signs of a cooling trend in sight. In fact, with the addition of Facebook Watch to the mix, it is sure to get even hotter. For many brands, just getting video out there is the goal. But those using it most successfully are conforming to platform-specific trends and seeing success. Here are recommendations for making the most of video across social channels.

Cover Video: 20 to 90 seconds
Video: 60 to 90 seconds
Livestreams: 15 minutes or more

Remember, all video starts without sound on Facebook, so interesting visuals at the start are […]

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How to Use Facebook Watch to Reach Customers

Despite growing numbers on other social media platforms, Facebook, with its 1.32 billion users who check in on a daily, continues to be an extremely productive avenue for marketers. The recently completed launch of Facebook Watch is making it even more competitive with other streaming platforms. The Watch tab is now active on all accounts and its episodes will be integrated in users’ News Feeds, driving views and creating demand.

Video is already extremely popular on Facebook, but this new platform takes it to a new level. Watch will focus on episodic content that fits into a theme or storyline and […]

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Does my business need a chatbot?

Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology continues to advance throughout the business landscape. How do you know if chatbots are right for your business? While at first glance the concept of using automated programming for customer interaction may seem impersonal, there are indicators that they offer benefits many customers are seeking.

Every day, more businesses are discovering the many benefits of chatbots and here are the top three indicators of whether they are right for yours:

  1. If you want to offer customers 24/7 interactive service, chatbots are standing ready to help answer their questions day and night.
  2. If you already offer on-site chat […]
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In appreciation of Millennials

It’s time to get real about Millennials. Everybody seems to love trash-talking them, perpetuating stereotypes. The fact is they are a huge factor in our lives, both economically and socially, so we better start treating them as what they are: a huge market of potential customers, for years to come.

Who are they? Estimates from Millennial Marketing tell us this:

  • They are 25% of the U.S. population
  • They account for 27% of discretionary purchases
  • 53% of Millennial households have children
  • 50% are more willing to purchase from a company that supports a cause

Take a look at these facts and you’ll see, […]

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Can Beacons Help Your Brand Shine?

Beacons are being touted as the next big thing for local SEO and proximity marketing. While still a mystery to many, beacons are already shining as tools to foster customer engagement, encourage user-generated content, distribute timely messages and drive sales.

These small hardware devices are placed inconspicuously and, when activated, can communicate via Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) technology with smartphones and other devices within a limited radius, sending targeted push notifications. From retail special offers to public transportation schedules, the limits of the messaging opportunities can be endless. Beacons take the popular “near me” searches to a new level, allowing marketers […]

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Benefits of Facebook Recommendations

Facebook has made a push for users to make Recommendations rather than Reviews as the way to give feedback about local businesses. Instead of giving a star rating on a one-to-five scale, users are now asked whether or not they would recommend a business. The hope is that people will share more about their experiences, which will lead to more authentic, informative reviews.

Also as part of the recommendations process, users can leave ‘Rich Endorsements,’ which include photos and text. This function is currently exclusive to restaurants and coffee shops but expected to roll out to other business pages, as well.

What […]

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What is Blockchain?

Ask Google, right? That’s where we go to learn about the latest hot topic. Take our word for it, blockchain is hot! Over the past year, Google search requests including the keyword “blockchain” have increased by 250 percent. It’s been discussed from the floor of the U.S. Senate to the board room tables at businesses throughout the world. So, what’s all the talk about? What is blockchain and how will your business benefit from it?

Blockchain is the first technology enabling the transfer of digital data in a decentralized and trustless manner. By allowing digital information to be distributed but not […]

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Want to Talk to Teens? Tips for Snapchat Success

With 187 million active users generating 10 billion daily views, Snapchat continues to show its strength as a powerhouse among social networking platforms. For marketers looking to talk to teens, it is the strongest player in the game and the numbers cannot be ignored.

Top Social Networks for Teens*

  • Snapchat         16.4 M
  • Instagram        12.8 M
  • Facebook        11.5 M
  • Pinterest          5.7 M
  • Twitter                        4.9 M

*Users 12-17, on any device at least once a month.
Source: eMarketer, August 2018

Snapchat is clearly the social network of choice among teens, moving passed Facebook in 2016, maintaining a lead over Instagram and still climbing in user growth. […]

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Our Picks: Six Best News Sources

Do you want your news short and to the point? Do you like interpretation or just the facts?

Do you want to wake up to just the news of the day or do you also want to take a broader look at trends and consider implications for the future of your business?

If you are a digital marketer only interested in SEO, SEM, CRO or other specific tasks and trends (we work with tech geeks like that), there are some very good sources out there. Most of our clients though, are looking for a source with a broader mix […]

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