Does an HTTPS Website Matter?

Websites, well-functioning websites, are the lifeblood of many businesses. Today’s prevailing opinion is that your site should be protected with HTTPS (Hypertext Transport Protocol Security). HTTPS helps prevent prowlers from interfering with the communications between your website and your viewers’ browsers. Those interferences can range from harmless cookies, to annoying ads to malicious intruders.

While this level of security was, in the past, important for any site collecting sensitive information, today the need goes beyond that. Aside from providing critical security in today’s ever-changing cyber-active world, HTTPS is a requirement for many new browsers and applications. These sites are increasingly seeing […]

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Our Top Three Social Media Challenges for 2018

Global Marketing Solutions (GMS), has built a reputation early on as social media strategists. We are known for researching, effectively implementing and evaluating social media marketing programs. To continue to do that, we must stay in tune to current trends as well as new developments.

Those developments many times seem like the very platforms we use effectively are punishing us for our success. Instead of walking away, GMS clients have opportunities to develop new strategies and get out in front of the changes. Here are the top challenges we’re dealing with for our clients so far this year.

Finding sustainable solutions to […]

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Think You’ve Conquered Video?

You know by now how important video is for effective social and online marketing. We began shouting it from the rooftops to our clients more than a year ago. Now everyone else is shouting it, too. While not everyone is using video to full potential, many (many, many, many!) more brands are.

Many GMS clients are employing video in a variety of forms including livestreaming, short format and fully produced content. The results have been positive for both viewership and engagement.

Que the changes. Good and bad. Here are just two examples, related […]

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