Our Picks: Six Best News Sources

Do you want your news short and to the point? Do you like interpretation or just the facts?

Do you want to wake up to just the news of the day or do you also want to take a broader look at trends and consider implications for the future of your business?

If you are a digital marketer only interested in SEO, SEM, CRO or other specific tasks and trends (we work with tech geeks like that), there are some very good sources out there. Most of our clients though, are looking for a source with a broader mix […]

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A Positive Influence Goes a Long Way. Now More Than Ever.

You know hanging around with folks who are a good influence always made your mama happy. She knew how valuable that influence could be. Do you? Savvy marketers (both brand marketers and influencers themselves) recognize the value influencers can bring to a brand through social media exposure. Partnering with the right ones offers a way of raising awareness, establishing a personal connection and building credibility with an audience.

For a good while now, GMS has been building influencer relationships for our clients. Facebook recently staked its claim on this practice and through the process has increased influencer credibility […]

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Honing the Video Message

If you’re marketing online, you know video has become a must. And even if your online effort only consists of trying to keep a Facebook page up to date (If that’s the case call us right now!), you’re using video, right? Everybody has jumped on the video bandwagon and those seeing the most success have integrated it into their marketing strategy.

At GMS, we love working with clients who use video strategically. It doesn’t have to be expensive and, in many cases, developing creative ways to use video can result in both time and cost […]

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