How do you get people to actually read the business blogs or articles that you create? It’s vital that you learn just what makes a headline resonate with your readers, and that means more than good content. Think of it this way: The headline is the sundae and the content is the cherry on top.

write eye-catching headlinesCheck out these need-to-know tips for creating headlines that will draw the reader’s interest.

  1. Use numbers. Starting your title with numbers will grab people’s attention. Numbers tell your reader in just a few characters what they’re going to get.  “7 Ways to Write Better Headlines” is more enticing than “How to Write Better Headlines.”
  2. Add some color to your title. Strong adjectives will provoke people to take action. Some examples: fun, free, incredible, essential.
  3. Use how, why, what. Generally speaking, people are looking for something useful and relevant. Besides catching people’s attention, including “how to” or “what is” in your title will also attract the search engines.
  4. Keep it short and focused. An effective title is short enough to convey the best message possible. The title should be descriptive yet concise, and include keywords. Keep in mind that Google cuts off titles that have more than 70 characters.
  5. Never mislead with clickbait. If your title doesn’t coincide with the main message of your post, you’ll lose credibility and tarnish your reputation. Not to mention search engines will eventually ignore your site because you are misrepresenting your content.
  6. Be creative. Don’t limit yourself, and you will never lose your uniqueness in the process. Even if you post about similar topics and issues, having a fresh and imaginative headline for your posts can attract readers to your blog rather than send them looking for a competing one.

Do you have any tips for catchy headlines?