In recent years, Pinterest has progressively become a more valuable site for businesses to promote their brands. Global Marketing Solutions recognizes the unlimited potential for our clients, so we are utilizing this channel to increase the number of visits to our clients’ websites. According to our GMS Pinterest expert Jessica Webber, “Our focus for the upcoming year will be to provide interesting and engaging content within Pinterest.”

Are you unsure of how to market your Pinterest page to possible clients? When creating boards and pins, we recommend focusing on building your brand awareness with eye-catching and unique imagery. To optimize your pins and boards on Pinterest, we suggest the following:

  • Use Pinterest analytics – This is the best way to learn what your audience likes. Analytics will show top pins and boards, pins that rank higher in a search, and pins with the most engagement. It is especially helpful when you are deciding what to pin and what time of day to pin it.
  • Create high-quality images – The better the photo, the more appealing it is to pinners. The best rule of thumb is to use simple, beautiful, high-quality photography and visuals. Pinners like to share vertical images that are large, colorful and bright.
  • Offer video tutorials – Many pinners seek out how-to guides. Videos enhance the way your products or services will be viewed. Pinning your videos to Pinterest will also significantly broaden their exposure and result in more plays.
  • Engage your audience – Using a call-to-action in your pin descriptions will lead to increased engagement from other pinners. This will facilitate a conversation! In turn, you can repin or like appropriate pins from those users who have posted comments.
  • Set up rich pins – Have you seen these type of pins? Your company’s web developers canapply to Pinterest for permission to create rich pins that feature products, movies, articles, recipes, apps or places. The pins will pull in information such as pricing, availability, reviews and content ratings to make the pins more useful to your target audience.
  • Write strong description copy – Use this space to describe what’s featured in the pin, but be succinct. Write helpful information that tells the reader what they’re looking at and what they can do with the content that lives behind the pin. Make sure keywords are added to every single description and board name, even those you repin, because you’re not just working on improving your visibility in Pinterest’s search results – Google and other search engines will pick up your Pinterest images, too.
  • Incorporate text overlay – If you’re attempting to promote your business blog content, you might have trouble finding ways to capture the actual contents of the post in just a visual and a pin description. Text overlays will help to add clarity to pin contents beyond just the description section.

We’re turning it over to you. Do you have any helpful, Pinteresting tips that will further promote a business brand?