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The Best List—Snap, Workplace, Millennial Finances and More

Welcome to a new edition of The Best List, your bountiful buffet of marketing deliciousness! In this issue, explore marketing with Snap, Facebook’s new Workplace tool, an interesting bit of research about Millennials and job commitment, and a snippet about air-conditioned . . . shirts. Yep. Enjoy!

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The Best List—Apps, AMP, Meetings and more

Welcome to this issue of The Best List—your smorgasbord of mouthwatering marketing content. Okay, that’s stretching it a bit maybe, but this issue is packed for sure. Find out where apps stand in the landscape today, what AMP is and why it matters, and how to write a (good) press release, structure a better meeting, and excel on Pinterest. We’ve also got some B2B strategies for social marketers that will grab your attention. Enjoy!

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The Best List—Social and SEO, Gen Z, Instagram and more

Welcome to The Best List, your curated list of marketing articles for braniacs! In this issue, learn more about the relationship between social media and SEO, Gen Z and what makes them tick, why bad writing is . . . really bad, and how to optimize your efforts on Instagram. No matter your role in the marketing universe, there is sure to be something of interest in this issue. We kind of planned it that way!

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The Best List—Storytelling, Social ROI, IoT News and more

Welcome to the latest issue of The Best List, your all-things-marketing snippet list of smarts! This time, we have fascinating articles on storytelling for marketers, information on social ROI, updates from Facebook for mobile sites, some secret information from Google that’s no longer totally secret, and an article on connected . . . bottles of rum. Hey, we like to include a little something for everyone!

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The Best List—Pokemon, Selling, Repurposing and More

Wow, this issue of The Best List is packed with marketing deliciousness! Find out why Pokemon, Go really matters, how to use incremental selling to better your bottom line, how to potentially double your email open rates, and more. Lots of how-tos here for today’s marketer, who knows it’s all about keeping up!

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Using Pinterest to Increase Your Business

Pinterest has become one of the top social media platforms for businesses. Are you struggling to find ways to promote your small business on the popular site? Simply signing up and adding a few pins will not suffice. You have to be actively involved in consistently updating your Pinterest page in order to gather followers.

If you don’t have one already, you should definitely have a “pin-it button” strategically placed on your website. This will encourage visitors to share your content since they won’t have to look you up on Pinterest to re-pin you. With the “pin-it button”, users […]

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