Welcome to the latest issue of The Best List. We’ve gathered up some good reads for you to take a look at during this hot and busy season. Here you’ll find articles on the internet as a utility, Millennials’ favorite brands, some Instagram helpers and more. We hope you enjoy these bite-sized pieces of marketing pixie dust!

Federal Court Rules Internet is a Utility
—AL.com (hat tip to Donna Watts)
A federal court says access to the internet is a utility that should be available to all, as opposed to a luxury. Surfing for all!

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Cracking the Code
—Simply Measured
Learn ways to apply social media marketing across your marketing spectrum. Here, some quick tips on things you may not have thought of yet.

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Ready to Take Instagram up a Notch?
So you’re posting away on Instagram. Good job! Discover a few ways to better manage, analyze and track.
(Hat tip to Marie C!)

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More on Those Millennials
—Business Insider
Here’s who Millennials love when it comes to brands—a list of the top 100.

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On Being Memorable
—Fast Company
Seven habits of memorable people, gathered here in a concise read. You’ll remember this one!

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