Wow, this issue of The Best List is packed with marketing deliciousness! Find out why Pokemon, Go really matters, how to use incremental selling to better your bottom line, how to potentially double your email open rates, and more. Lots of how-tos here for today’s marketer, who knows it’s all about keeping up!

The Real Reason Pokemon, Go Matters
Pokemon, so what? Here’s why the game that sounds ridiculous to many really matters—it’s all about AR.

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Always Be Closing
—Harvard Business Review
Why incremental selling is the better way to go.

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Double Your Email Open Rates
—Email Marketing Daily
Triggered emails can make a big difference where it counts—revenue generated. Interesting article on how triggered emails can impact your top and bottom lines.

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Social Advertising—A Few Tips
—Social Times
Everyone can use a few helpful hints when it comes to social advertising. Here are some basic rules of thumb.

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What’s Old is New Again
—Crazy Egg
Great stuff here on how to benefit from existing website content and keep it churning that search-engine engine. See what we did there?

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IOT Dollars and Sense
—IOT Daily
The stats are impressive, but what about the dollars and cents? Here, a mid-year look at what’s being spent on the Internet of Things.

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