Welcome to this edition of The Best List, your digest-sized marketing how-to for the week. In this issue we share some expertise on SEO, updates on Snapchat advertising options, and information on video length. Enjoy!

Need to Learn SEO? Here You Go.
Nine resources to help you learn SEO and speak geek with the best.

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Snapchat Advertising for Small Business?
—Adweek Social Times
Well, maybe. Snapchat is opening up its ad offerings with lower price points. Note we did not say inexpensive . . .

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Short-Form Video: The Right Form, But…
—MediaPost Video Insider
Short-form video is effective across all age ranges, but not always for the reasons you think. Here’s the sound bite.

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Short, Sweet, True
—Seth Godin
Seth Godin gets it right about 99% of the time. His daily blog is a must-read. This one especially resonates.

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