Welcome to a new edition of The Best List, your bountiful buffet of marketing deliciousness! In this issue, explore marketing with Snap, Facebook’s new Workplace tool, an interesting bit of research about Millennials and job commitment, and a snippet about air-conditioned . . . shirts. Yep. Enjoy!

Travel Marketers, Pay Attention
—Media Post Marketing: Travel
Travel marketers need to use Snap. How to succeed? Hint: Make it fun.

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Workplace is Here!
—Social Media Week
Facebook’s internal office management tool is finally here. It’s definitely worth a look.

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Millennials Are Ready to Commit
—Harvard Business Review
Evidently, they can’t afford to job hop, so they want to commit. Will they commit to you?

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Air Conditioned…Shirts?
Yes, it’s coming. Is this good news, or what? Read on, my hot friends.

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Making the Case for Creating Multiple Facebook Pages

Here’s why some brands are creating dozens of Facebook pages. Is this a strategy you need to embrace?

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