The Best List—Social and SEO, Gen Z, Instagram and more

//The Best List—Social and SEO, Gen Z, Instagram and more

Welcome to The Best List, your curated list of marketing articles for braniacs! In this issue, learn more about the relationship between social media and SEO, Gen Z and what makes them tick, why bad writing is . . . really bad, and how to optimize your efforts on Instagram. No matter your role in the marketing universe, there is sure to be something of interest in this issue. We kind of planned it that way!

Social and SEO: Hazy but Important
We don’t know all the hows of social and SEO working together, but we know it matters.

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Gen Z: Who Are They?
—Fast Company
Just when you’re getting used to Millennials, here comes Gen Z. Read up, friends.

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Bad Writing and the Damage It’s Doing
—Harvard Business Review
If I had a dime for every poorly written communication . . .

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Optimize Instagram Posting
—Social Media Examiner
Want to know the best times to publish on Instagram? A handy guide.

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Make Us Happy
—Time Magazine
What Gen Z and Millennials want from work.

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Here Comes 5G
Wow, it’s big. Really, really big.

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