Welcome to the latest issue of The Best List, your all-things-marketing snippet list of smarts! This time, we have fascinating articles on storytelling for marketers, information on social ROI, updates from Facebook for mobile sites, some secret information from Google that’s no longer totally secret, and an article on connected . . . bottles of rum. Hey, we like to include a little something for everyone!

Telling Stories and Why You Should
—The Content Standard
A fascinating interview that sheds light on the new way of marketing: storytelling. (h/t to Kayla D!)

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Social ROI—Why It Matters to Your Team
—Simply Measured
Get the scoop on what it is, why it matters, and how to go about it.

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Get Your Mobile Running
—Media Post: Mobile Marketing Daily
Facebook will begin pre-fetching mobile pages—so yours better be fast to load. Here’s the scoop.

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In the Internet of Things Universe, Even Alcohol is Connected
—Media Post: Internet of Things Daily
Yes, you read that right. Read about the U.K. release of connected bottles of Malibu rum.

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Google RankBrain
Say what? Here, some 411 on one of Google’s Secret Sauce ingredients.

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Brand Respect: How and Why to Build It
—Marketing Profs
Building a brand admired and respected by consumers has real benefits.

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