Welcome to The Best List, your recommended reading for stretching your marketing brain and learning a new tidbit or two. This issue offers up some science, some advice on the disruptiveness of change and how to understand Gen Z, plus the scoop on Verizon’s recent acquisition of Yahoo. Enjoy!

Why did Verizon buy Yahoo?
—Fast Company
Why not? Verizon’s move to become a media empire could result in billions in ad revenues.

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Face It: Change is Disruptive
—Harvard Business Review
Why we have to embrace change and let it throw us curve balls.

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Gen Z: You Have 8 Seconds…
. . . to engage their attention. Still grappling with Millennials and how to understand them? Well, meet Gen Z—the generation after that.

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Instagram Business Profiles—Woot!
—Social Media Examiner
Marketers cheered Instagram’s rollout of business profiles. Here’s a how-to to get you going.

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Stress is Everywhere
—Time magazine

How do you cope? Everyone has their methods. This article tells us the science behind resiliency.

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