You may be thinking, “I’m not naïve enough to think the simple steps below are all I need to know.” The thing is, though, they are. It’s not the number of items in the list that will get you. It’s the time and effort needed for each one of those items.

Long gone are the old days when having a social media presence was seen as a free way to market. Successfully boosting your business on the varied social media landscape takes time. The time of someone who’s getting paid, presumably. And it takes content, in the form of posts, blogs, photos and, increasingly, video. Those resources come with a price tag, also.

It is definitely an investment worth making. The return can be huge. Through the years Global Marketing Solutions has developed and implemented social media marketing plans for dozens of clients. Below are the steps we’d recommend you take.

  1. Set measurable goals and determine budgets. You won’t know if you’ve succeeded if you don’t set the goal at the outset. And of course, you have to balance those goals with costs.
  2. Use platforms that align with your brand. Do you know the difference in the profile of your avid Twitter user versus a Facebook fanatic? Or who’s more likely to view an Instagram story rather than one on Snapchat? You have to do your research to determine which audiences align best with your brand.
  3. Build an effective profile. Sometimes the simplest things can make a huge difference. Do you list your hours and location on your profile page? Are your services clearly presented?
  4. Provide consistent, engaging content. In all these, make sure your business personality shines through:
    • Limit hard-sell tactics. Don’t make it all about you. Share ideas, share other valuable content or help promote a good cause. Expand your value as a resource beyond your own sales efforts.
    • Share your expertise. Offer how-to information or share resources.
    • Start conversations. Ask questions, and encourage comments and interaction.
    • Reward engagement. Include prizes for first or best comment, photo or idea, or encourage check-ins when at your business.
  5. Consider advertising and/or paid content. Boosting or sponsoring content or even buying display ads can be relatively inexpensive on social media. Determine how adding some paid content can work for you.
  6. Analyze results and adjust. See number 1. You’ll only know if those goals were met if you take the time to analyze your engagement and results. There are free analytics out there, or you can purchase more in-depth analysis tools.

Of course, GMS would love to work with you on your plan, from goals to content management to analytics. Contact us now to start the conversation.