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Who is Gen Z and how do we reach them?

Generation Z is so different from other generations. The only way to reach this generation is to think differently and market to them in a totally new way. Just how social media is changing constantly so is Gen Z. Finding a way to appeal to the biggest generation of our time will make or break your company.

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What your social media analytics are telling you and how to utilize it

Social Media Analytics tools show you the strategies that are working and not working for your business. Using analytics can also help create performance reports to share with your boss, team, and stakeholders.  

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Digital tools to keep in your back pocket

We’ve got a list a mile long of digital tools we use, but when your tools start to outweigh your toolbox, there’s a problem. Take a look at some of our favorite software heavyweights that can help you hit the easy button so you can do more work with less effort!

Manage your digital business listings

Software as a service (SaaS) providers like Yext and Moz Local help area businesses convey reliable information to customers regarding your business hours, location, contact information and more. They also provide one place where all of your information can be pushed to multiple users at once. […]

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Understand voice search with these tips

Blogs, social media posts and videos all work to answer questions and intrigue your consumer, but these technologies are always changing, making it necessary to adjust our tactics as well.

Shockingly, many searches can now be completed without a screen or a keypad. Customers can hold a button down and ask an ephemeral guide to direct them to a place to eat dinner that night. And they often do. Search data shows that a growing number of customers are asking for such information right now.

How can you capitalize on this trend? One of the key differences between voice search and a […]

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Engaging your team with creative collaboration

There’s nothing more stagnating than working in silos. If your team has worked for years without making some changes, then you can bet you’re due for some creative collaboration with your team.

To get the conversation rolling, here are some questions to ask:

  • Have we always been doing it the same way?
  • Are we duplicating our efforts?
  • How can we reuse content and still keep things fresh?
  • How can one teammate help another with the information or creative content they’re producing?
  • Are we looking at metrics and numbers frequently (weekly, monthly, quarterly, annually)?
  • How do we know when something isn’t working?
  • […]

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10 tips for working with marketing interns

A marketing intern may not yet have a full grasp of what marketing is. If you’re looking for someone to craft and direct your marketing program, we wouldn’t recommend offloading that responsibility to someone with little experience. However, interns do provide critical help when your team is struggling with a large workload.

Below are 10 tips for hiring and creating a great working relationship with your future intern.

  1. Research campus-based organizations looking to place interns. Seeking out partnerships with larger entities, particularly colleges, can ensure you have a steady stream of workers.
  2. Since interns are usually involved in classes while they […]
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Why analytical reporting is important for social marketing

Analytical reporting is a term often heard, but sometimes misunderstood. But this is an important tool that can help make or break your social media game.

Techopedia defines Social Analytics as: “Social Media Analytics (SMA) refers to the approach of collecting data from social media sites and blogs and evaluating that data to make business decisions. This process goes beyond the usual monitoring or a basic analysis of retweets or ‘likes’ to develop an in-depth idea of the social consumer.”

Sounds simple, right? It can be if you have the right tools. There are numerous options when it comes to social analytics, […]

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Ways to reach the millennial generation with social marketing

It is no secret that the term millennial often comes with negative preconceived notions, but it is estimated that by 2020 46 percent of all U.S. workers will be millennials. That means millennials make up a large portion of consumers and businesses need to be able to find a way to reach them and stand out from competitors. Here we will talk about a few ways you can reach the millennial generation with social marketing.

1. Keep it instant. We live in a world where you no longer have to leave your house to shop for clothes, buy groceries or even […]

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Should you use memes on social media?

If you have never heard of a “meme”, the term can refer to many different things, from funny animal photos to any image with text. Memes have recently become very popular because they can be easy to relate to and easy to share – making them the perfect tool for social media.

One great thing about using memes is you can advertise yourself or a product without it feeling like a generic ad. If the consumer relates to your meme or finds it funny, they may share or like it without even realizing it was advertisement. More shares and likes equals […]

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Why should you live stream your events?

If you have anything to do with social media you have probably heard of live streaming, online streaming of media simultaneously recorded and broadcast in real time. Below are five reasons you should be utilizing live streaming at your events.

  1. You get more viewership. According to Adweek, Facebook Live videos receive 3X higher engagement than a video that is no longer live and Facebook Live videos also receive 5X more than standard photo posts.
  2. You give people who were not able to attend your event the opportunity to experience it. Whether you have lined […]
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