Creative Ways to Improve Your Stories on Snapchat

The advent of Snapchat stories has given us a brand-new way to share. More like a personal feed rather than an individual snap, stories give your message (a grouping of snaps) 24-hour longevity on this popular platform. To engage your audience, employ these simple tips that will make your stories more interesting.

Respect the platform. This is meant to be a fun medium. To connect with your audience, you have to give them what they want. Keep it snappy.

Plan ahead. While stories “on the fly” have their place for prompting immediate action, they can still […]

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Top Ways to Promote a Business Utilizing Social Media

unnamed (1)Networking on major social media sites is essential for small business promotion. It’s a fantastic way to get your brand on the internet while connecting with potential customers. For each of the social media platforms below, we’ve listed the top ways to promote your business


  • Facebook – This social site has a larger audience than any of the others, making it a vital platform for business promotion. Ad manager tools on this platform are easily understood and simple to operate. Quickly learn to create a campaign that includes custom and lookalike […]
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How to Build a Snapchat Story

SnapChatWhen it debuted in 2011, Snapchat would not have been considered as a valuable social media marketing tool for businesses. It started out as a fun messaging app, where friends shared snaps from their personal lives. It was transformed into the social channel we know today after the Snapchat Story was born. A Snapchat Story is a collection of a user’s snaps that may be viewed for up to 24 hours by all of the user’s friends.

According to Global Marketing Solutions expert Tanner Pfeifer, “With the use of stories on Snapchat, small […]

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Social Media Customer Service 101

We have all had a one-way conversation where the other person’s attention is clearly not on you while you are speaking. It’s impolite and off-putting, isn’t it? On social media, you are asking customers to join your business online, thus inviting them into a conversation. Remember that conversations are a two-way street, so you’ll need to reply to those reaching out to you. A stagnant social page may give your customers a negative view of your company.

Responding to questions and comments on your company’s social media pages is extremely important to your relationship with your customers. Regularly monitoring your social […]

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Top 3 Hashtag Marketing Strategies

Hashtags are everywhere these days. You see them on Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Google+, and Facebook. As a marketer, you can’t ignore them. You need to know how to strategically implement these tagged topics. Hashtags can expand your content reach, amplify your brand, target your market, get your content found, improve your SEO, and more. Below we’ve listed three marketing strategies using hashtags.

Brand and Campaign Hashtags

A brand hashtag as your company name or a company tagline. You create your own brand hashtag. Make it your company name, or a tagline that people know about your business. Use it as your central […]

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