We’ve all heard that relationships matter in sales. Customers want to connect with the businesses they support. They want to support the ones they connect with. They are more likely to purchase from someone they know. Let them get to know you!

In the realm of social media, marketers have more options than ever to allow those customers to do just that. Our team works with clients to build on the opportunities to tell their stories and to allow others to tell their story for them. The top three methods?

  • User-generated content – Invite photos, videos, comments and reviews. The opinions and experiences of real people are considered much more trustworthy than the canned “brand speak” many companies put out there. Let the people have their say and you’ll gain the trust of the others that follow.
  • Influencer engagement – Consider this as user-generated content on steroids. These are real people (see above) who have gained a following. Invite them to experience your brand and tell their stories about it. Their opinion matters to your audience.
  • Live and un-polished content – Whether it’s Facebook Live or Instagram Stories, brands have opportunities to put real-time stories out there and allow customers to engage. Just as importantly, they have a chance to respond to that engagement and build a connection.

It’s important to remember – amid all the hype about the importance of these stories, the dominance of video and the chase for engagement – that these are strategies. They are not themselves the goal. The goal is the connection that drives your customer to act. Let us help you make it. Get in touch with GMS if you can use an effective storytelling partner.