Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology continues to advance throughout the business landscape. How do you know if chatbots are right for your business? While at first glance the concept of using automated programming for customer interaction may seem impersonal, there are indicators that they offer benefits many customers are seeking.

Every day, more businesses are discovering the many benefits of chatbots and here are the top three indicators of whether they are right for yours:

  1. If you want to offer customers 24/7 interactive service, chatbots are standing ready to help answer their questions day and night.
  2. If you already offer on-site chat support, chatbots can improve it on two fronts. First, you’ll have a quicker response time because they never make customers wait. Second, you could see a reduction in expenses, as a result of the need for less staffing.
  3. If you have a well-established list of FAQs, chatbots are great for handling those questions. Responses can be triggered from key words in your FAQ list.

If you fit these criteria yet you still need convincing, take a look at these reasons to consider moving ahead with your own chatbots:

  • 53% of customers are more likely to make a purchase if they’re able to message your business.
  • 56% would rather message than call to interact with customer service.
  • A live person can enter the conversation at any point, if needed.
  • Chatbots can plug into your other systems (CRM and email marketing) to support efficient automation of scheduling, reminders, surveys and more.
  • Your competitors are probably using them.

The bottom line is chatbots are becoming the rule rather than the exception. They can save your customers’ time while improving your efficiency. The combination is better service and, ultimately, higher sales.

If you’d like GMS to work with you to create the bots with the functionality and personality that will position your business to succeed, we’d love to chat with you.