Every writer we work with has, at some point, experienced some degree of writer’s block. Whether it’s a temporary disruption under the pressure of a deadline or a looming, recurring struggle, it’s a phenomenon that can be devastating. Below, some of our favorite writers share their suggestions to get back on track.

  1. Step away and do something else. Moving around and focusing on something else for a short time can get the blood flowing, clear the mind and give you a fresh start.
  2. Write anything! Forget about your assigned topic and write whatever comes to mind. Just the act of writing can get the creativity flowing and ease you back into your groove.
  3. Eliminate distractions. Don’t set yourself up for delays by allowing distractions to dangle in front of you. Set up your workspace, control your online notifications, and send the phone calls to voice mail.
  4. Google for ideas. Sometimes reading someone else’s great idea is a quick way to spark an idea or find a counter position to get you started.
  5. Find a routine that works best for you and stick to your schedule. For some, early morning writing – before the distractions of the day descend – is best. For others, letting ideas percolate throughout the day leads to a productive evening.
  6. Listen to music. Studies have shown that music has the power to improve productivity. Discover what type of music supports your best work and assemble a creativity playlist.
  7. If that starting point you’re looking for presents a stumbling block, skip to the middle. Take any idea you have and run with it. Get something down on paper. Then it’s much easier to build around it and expand on it.
  8. Read it out loud. Sometimes just hearing the turn of a phrase leads you naturally into what should come next.

Next time that seemingly immovable block looms ahead, scan the list for the remedy that works for you, knock that block out of the way, and get your content back on track.