There’s nothing more stagnating than working in silos. If your team has worked for years without making some changes, then you can bet you’re due for some creative collaboration with your team.

To get the conversation rolling, here are some questions to ask:

  • Have we always been doing it the same way?
  • Are we duplicating our efforts?
  • How can we reuse content and still keep things fresh?
  • How can one teammate help another with the information or creative content they’re producing?
  • Are we looking at metrics and numbers frequently (weekly, monthly, quarterly, annually)?
  • How do we know when something isn’t working?
  • Where do we get bogged down?
  • How can we make this more fun?
  • What trends are impacting our industry, and how can we capitalize on them?

By asking the right questions, your team can begin to create something new and fresh without a painful overhaul.