Ephemeral content is social media content that lasts only a short time before disappearing. Its rise in popularity began with Snapchat and now other platforms like Instagram and Facebook have become even stronger in this realm. While ephemeral content is fleeting, it has proven to have staying power as a communications tool. Las year, AdWeek predicted this tool to have big impact in 2018. That is proving true, as ephemeral content is becoming a part of the social media strategy of many brands.

As with each strategy in any marketing plan, you must first determine if it is worth investing your time and resources to develop content that disappears in 24 hours. For your consideration, here are five reasons it works:

  1. Visual content is 40% more likely to be shared. (Buffer, 2014)
  2. Real-time content takes advantage of fans’ and friends’ fear of missing out (FOMO) and keeps them coming back again and again.
  3. It’s an excellent way to share previews or behind-the-scenes content with a loyal following. This, in turn, builds on that loyalty.
  4. It lends itself to more authentic content, making it relatable and believable to viewers.
  5. The required equipment and production investment is minimal relative to traditional video production.

For marketers, the challenge is creating engaging content in this realm that hits the mark on strategy and campaign goals. Smart marketers are taking on that challenge, as it is the No. 1 avenue for reaching an active, experience-seeking market segment and it seems to be here to stay.

Are you including ephemeral content in your organization’s marketing mix? Many Global Marketing Solutions clients are and the results are amazing. If you’d like us to work with you on social media solutions, get in touch. We’d love to tell your stories.