The guiding principle that every business should remember: social media is, above all else, about being social. With 250 million users and an estimated 500 million tweets a day, Twitter is one of the largest social media websites. Twitter provides a unique way to reach a new audience while still engaging with your existing customers and clients. Here are a few ways to increase your business’ presence on Twitter:

  • You are only allowed 140 characters, so write your tweets in a way that provides good content with limited words. Determine the times of day that your target audience generally visits Twitter, then tweet during those specific periods to ensure that they get to read and respond accordingly.
  • A hashtag is simply a way for people to search for tweets that have a common topic. Find a relevant hashtag that’s trending and join the conversation. But make sure it’s meaningful to your business. A successful hashtag campaign can bring you more followers while giving you a positive reputation on Twitter.
  • Frequency is allowed especially if you are following up data on the main or first tweet of the day. Provide updates regularly on Twitter to keep users interested in your business. Learn when to stop tweeting and minimize your posts, though. If you notice a drop in responses or even get negative feedback, reduce your tweets and improve on the quality of the content.
  • Ask for a follow, retweet or reply. Remember, Twitter is all about conversation with others. Pose a question to give people some motivation to engage one-on-one with your tweets. You don’t want to turn people off with too many questions, so balance these types of tweets with other kinds of useful and entertaining content pertaining to your business.
  • Adding photos to your tweets will also result in more engagement from followers. People respond well to visual content. So many of the great moments you share on Twitter are made even better with photos or with videos from Vine. These tweets can bring followers closer to what’s happening with your business by making them feel like they are right there with you.

By using these helpful tips, you should see a growth in your following on Twitter. Are you using this social media site for your business?