Just a few months into Facebook’s algorithm shift, which put more emphasis on ‘person-to-person engagement’ over page interaction, publishers are reporting varying impacts. While some have fared well, the majority of reports are not positive. The three most significant impacts, as reported by Social Media Today (quoted sections below), are as follows:

1.) Changes Aren’t Helping Local News Publishers

While one of Facebook’s objectives for their changes was reported to give local publishers more promotion, that has not been the case. The average Facebook interactions for most local publishers have decreased, some significantly so.

“Thats a challenge, obviously – with so many publications and businesses now reliant on Facebook traffic, if these trends are indicative, thats going to be hard to deal with.”

2.) Social Media Diversification is a Must

Facebook’s change was a stark reminder to this basic strategy and has created a trend toward diversification. The change coincided with the rising popularity and expanded marketing opportunities of other platforms and, as they offer more ways to target efforts, many are sure to continue to benefit.

“As has been advised by any digital marketing expert worth his/her salt, more businesses are now looking to diversify their digital marketing strategies and reduce their reliance on Facebook, thereby better safeguarding themselves against future News Feed shifts.”

3.) Live Video is Still Powerful

Facebook Live continues to show significant results and is one of the strongest avenues for organic reach.

“Its not for everyone, its not necessarily easy to create high-quality live-stream content. But the numbers show that its a winning strategy – if you need to maintain your Facebook reach, video, and live video especially, should be a key consideration.”

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