Possibly more than any other social media channel, the short, immediate nature of Twitter’s strengths make it the perfect tool for integrating and sharing your brand’s relevance. While the loosening of its strict 140-character limits have given marketers a bit more freedom, Twitter is meant for brevity. As such, it’s the perfect vehicle to promote your relevant content living on other platforms and your live events happening now.

Tweet smart – Keep your content timely and relevant – and when you can, offer expert or insider information on trending topics. You and your linked content can become a valuable resource, making you a natural for follows and retweets, opening the door for new customer interactions.

Live tweet – Join in the conversation on trending news or events that are relevant to your business and that of your followers. These are opportunities to create a voice and personality for your brand, as well as to share the information you want them to know.

Have a chat – Throw a party! Schedule and promote a Twitter Chat. You can host an online conversation about the topic of your choice. Ask followers to join in and share experiences, needs, recommendations or best practices.

Add a widget – Of course you need a Twitter widget, along with a widget for all your social channels, on your website. You can also add a Tweet This button to your blog or specific web pages.

Embed – Embedding a tweet in a blog post will ensure your blog followers can find you on Twitter and also encourages them to join you in the conversation there.

With Twitter’s character limitations and immediate nature, there is certainly an art to making the most of it. But for marketing success, the right content in the right context requires more than art. It requires strategy. Employing these five suggestions are a great start. For more strategy suggestions, follow @GMSrocks on Twitter.