Social media is an essential marketing channel for event marketers. While planning your event, don’t forget to incorporate an official hashtag that will assist you with gaining prospects, deepening relationships with existing customers or clients, and attracting attendees. Below we have offered four ways in which to incorporate hashtags before and during your event.

  1. Choose your official hashtags –Before you create your event hashtag, keep in mind that there is only room for 140 characters on Twitter, so you’ll want to keep it short and specific. If your event is held annually, include the year to distinguish this year’s event. With event planners everywhere hashtagging their events, there is a good chance that the hashtag for your event has already been used. Research your chosen hashtag to make sure there is no confusion.
  2. Before the event – After you’ve created the ideal event hashtag, use it to create a buzz! Start integrating it into your posts and tweets leading up to the event. Provide your vendors and guest speakers with the event hashtag and ask that they announce their participation. Be sure to be an active participant in conversations that include the hashtag. Another way to promote and build excitement is by using Instagram to post photos of your setup, team planning, or a past year’s event – and, of course, include your event hashtag on each. You may also use other related hashtags with your event hashtag to build awareness.
  3. During your event Events are incredibly busy, but if it’s possible, live promotion is optimal. This will allow your company to continue to be an active participant in any conversations occurring while the event is underway. It is also helpful to schedule tweets and posts beforehand in case you don’t have a social media team member on site. A great way to keep your attendees involved is to ask them to post photos using the hashtag.
  4. After the event – Even though your event has wrapped up, the social media conversation hasn’t. You may be surprised to learn that many of your attendees are still talking about their experience or posting photos. Keep an eye on your hashtag and use these tweets and photos to your advantage.