If you’re marketing online, you know video has become a must. And even if your online effort only consists of trying to keep a Facebook page up to date (If that’s the case call us right now!), you’re using video, right? Everybody has jumped on the video bandwagon and those seeing the most success have integrated it into their marketing strategy.

At GMS, we love working with clients who use video strategically. It doesn’t have to be expensive and, in many cases, developing creative ways to use video can result in both time and cost savings in an overall marketing plan. Video can be inspirational, instructional or just plain fun. And in most cases, an overall plan will have some of each.

We are proud to work with our client, Gulf Shores & Orange Beach Tourism, to include video to reach many of their annual marketing goals. Here’s one example:

The Keep on Summering campaign the organization employs aims to extend the busiest season of the year straight through the next season, which many consider the most beautiful time to visit this beach destination. With video included as an ongoing part of the overall marketing strategy, GMS can not only create videos to address that goal but also to hone in and speak to different market segments.

Take a look at how the campaign targets couples in one version and in another, encourages girlfriend getaways.

We can help develop your video strategy, too. Let’s talk about how.