SnapChatWhen it debuted in 2011, Snapchat would not have been considered as a valuable social media marketing tool for businesses. It started out as a fun messaging app, where friends shared snaps from their personal lives. It was transformed into the social channel we know today after the Snapchat Story was born. A Snapchat Story is a collection of a user’s snaps that may be viewed for up to 24 hours by all of the user’s friends.

According to Global Marketing Solutions expert Tanner Pfeifer, “With the use of stories on Snapchat, small businesses can reach their target audiences with content that builds a very trusting and almost personal relationship between the brand and the consumer. At the greatest level of effectiveness, a commercial Snapchat account should, in the mind of the consumer, blend in as just another friend sharing what is going on.”


How can your business build an effective Snapchat Story?

  • Give your brand a human element by letting your viewers see your business and your associates on a personal level. This will help to create valued relationships between the consumer and the business.
  • Snapchat Stories are meant to show real life and should never be scripted. When your business generates a story, the moments that define what you are promoting should be captured. Treating the account as a non-commercial Snapchat user will be a smart way to eliminate scripting.
  • Provide your audience with multiple points of view. If you are documenting an event, include snaps from the people’s point of view. This includes the attendants, the entertainers, and your workers. Don’t tell them how to act or what to say, just let it unfold organically.
  • In general, it’s probably wise to keep your stories under 60 seconds at all times, but that doesn’t mean you should post 20 different three-second snaps. Your Snapchat story’s length sho12193361_10154411260797178_3135662993184515758_nuld correspond with whatever you’re promoting. For example, a tourism entity would want to have a larger story on a big holiday such as the Fourth of July, while keeping the stories shorter on regular summer days.


Building a Snapchat Story is beneficial to a business for numerous reasons. Most importantly, you will reach a younger generation of consumers. When utilizing this tool, your company will be able to create trusting brand relationships with your current and potential customers.



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