If you feel that your Facebook page isn’t getting the attention it deserves, it’s time to look at ways you can improve the content and be sure it is promoted correctly. When you drive more traffic to your Facebook page, your business can start getting more of likes, comments, and shares.

One way to lead potential customers or clients to your Facebook page is to cross promote it with your website, emails and other social sites that you have, which will lead to networking. Having a Facebook button on your website is ideal because it will to lead potential customers or clients to like your page, and then start following your updates.

Once you start building your fan base on Facebook, you need to keep them interested and entertained. Be sure to regularly post quality content that is relevant to your audience. Visual posts will attract the most attention, so it is wise to include a photo or video in as many updates as possible. When you use a photo, it should be a full-size image so that it will be eye-catching. This type of visual content is also important because it will help rank the post higher in the newsfeed.

Facebook takes into account the level of interaction a particular post receives, so the more people connect with your posts, the more you can increase overall reach. Using engaging questions is another way to get fans to like, comment and share your content, which leads to the chance that their friends see it and so on.