GMS 1Have you used any of the live-streaming apps or sites available now? If you have, you know that live-streaming video is fantastic for real-time audience engagement. But what other benefits can your company enjoy?

Generate a Bigger Audience

Any event has geographical and physical restrictions, no matter the location. Streaming your event live on the web makes it accessible to a worldwide audience, which means attendance will exceed any capacity limitations a physical event would have. Don’t forget to reference your brand name throughout the broadcast, while using suitable titles and hashtags.

“Live-streaming is a great way to grow your audience through the use of interesting, authentic content that resonates with existing followers and provides a way for new followers to find your brand.” -GMS CEO and Founder April Boone

Give Your Content Urgency

Keep in mind that online users are not as concerned with content they can access on a regular basis. If you’re streaming content that is only available at one moment in time, its urgency can cause a stir and draw attention.

“Create a sense of ‘right now’ for your audience. Nothing generates buzz like something taking place in real time!” -April Boone

Boost Online Interaction

Live streams can whip up some online collaboration between your business and your potential clients. Whether your content is stimulating to those individuals in your vocation or a topic of interest to outsiders, streaming means you will have the chance to engage with prospective clients who may not have thought about contacting you prior to the live event.

Generate New Business Opportunities

A free live stream allows you to interact with new clients and could create new business prospects. Interested in extra revenue for your business, as well? Charging for access to your stream is also a possibility. You’ll be able to set an admission fee for the physical attendees and another for online attendees.

11159563_10153911550872178_651350388111375809_nMake Your Business Stand Out

Live-streamed events are not being utilized by all businesses. Streaming live could give your brand or business a fantastic point of differentiation. Add this innovative tool to your marketing strategy to set your business apart from the rest of the competition. Don’t forget: You want your audience to feel as if they have been transported right into the event. When choosing a commentator or broadcaster, select someone who is relaxed and natural on camera with the ability to draw your viewers in and make them want to stay.

Will you be implementing this tool at your next event?