Anyone with a smartphone now has the technology to broadcast worldwide. Facebook Live has upped the game for Instagram, Snapchat and even YouTube, responding to and accelerating the craving for video across social media channels. What does this mean for your marketing efforts? It can mean great things! It’s a new avenue to provide engaging content and tell your story. And it can be simple and cost effective if you have the plan, people and tools in place.

Not produced, but planned. By definition, live-streaming is in the moment and not edited or enhanced. That doesn’t mean it must be off the cuff. Pre-planned streaming can be loosely scripted and timed to feature the most important happenings at your location or event. Pre-planning also gives you the opportunity to promote the upcoming video on social channels to build interest and buzz.

Empower brand ambassadors. Because much of the allure of live-streaming is that it’s an honest, real-time look, not a glossy ad or slick commercial, using real people is essential. Real people telling a real story. So if your owner or general manager can be real and relatable, this is a great opportunity. It’s also a great opportunity to show off a shining star employee or a happy customer or a collaborating business representative. Those testimonials for your brand are often seen as more relevant and credible to your audience.

Get personal. Invite customers behind the veil. Give them a sneak peek. Tell them how or why you do what you do. Share the secret recipe. Take them through the back of the house. These secrets, tips and tricks help them connect with your business, understand your processes and get to your people.

Easy, right? That’s where having the plan, people and tools in place comes in. Just like with any other element of your marketing plan, GMS can help.