User-generated content is essentially any brand-related content that is created by the users of your products. UGC is generally distributed on social media and can range from feedback on your Facebook page to an Instagram post to a review of your business or products on your website.

How to market your brand So how do you make user-generated content work for you? Two effective ways to do so are by encouraging social sharing and displaying reviews on your website and social channels.

•    Social sharing: Posts from existing customers about their experiences with your business can bring your products to life. Starting a hashtag campaign on social platforms can attract post images from customers using your products. Photos will show what your products look like in real life and can demonstrate how they’re being used. It will also assist you in gathering valuable insight on preferences and interests, while simultaneously allowing your business to collect UGC to be repurposed across your marketing channels.

•    Feedback and reviews: Because it comes from what is looked upon as a trustworthy source of information, utilizing user-generated content from happy, existing customers will attract those looking for guidance from the people around them. By witnessing that others are enjoying, and more important, benefitting from a particular product or service that you provide, potential customers are more likely to gravitate toward your brand. Remember to not shy away from negative feedback. Displaying and responding to reviews, both positive and negative, will show your customers that you value them. A site that uses this to perfection is Amazon. Reviews largely influence whether or not other users will ultimately purchase a given product.

If you haven’t been tapping into your followers and fans to generate content for your brand, you’re definitely missing out. Have you opted to include user-generated content in your marketing plan? Share any tips you have below.