We’d venture to say Global Marketing Solutions knows better than anyone that every application of our “global” solutions is different. Our strength comes in the application. The solution. Our work with Share the Beach is a prime example.

Share the Beach is a volunteer-led organization dedicated to helping protect the endangered sea turtles that nest and hatch each year on Alabama’s beaches. Their mission is one GMS believes in, so helping them improve their marketing tools and solve an internal communications issue at the same time is a job we took on happily.

Share the Beach asked GMS to redesign its existing website. Of course, it needed to be a beautiful website, reflecting the grace of the sea turtles themselves. Its colors and graphics were created with this in mind.

But this site had several more jobs to do. It needed to house content to educate those who wanted to learn more about the turtles and the organization itself. It was also important to incorporate a way for people to donate to the organization as well as provide a Share the Beach retail portal.

The biggest need we addressed, though, provided a solution most visitors never see or know about. Share the Beach is required to follow U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service (USFWS) protocols under the federal endangered species recovery permit. That means volunteer reporting is important and very structured. This site needed to include a portal for that important piece of the organization’s work. A custom data entry form was developed to track sea turtles, including their nesting, hatching, and return to the Gulf of Mexico and broader ocean waters. This form and database enabled Share the Beach to add and edit information as needed. The data collected can then be exported and used by the USFWS for their national database.

So when you look at this site, we hope you like the way it looks. We hope the content engages you and that you’ll choose to use the easy donation option. But we know there’s much more to this site. And we’re proud to have played a part in the ongoing success of our friends at Share the Beach.