Do you want your news short and to the point? Do you like interpretation or just the facts?

Do you want to wake up to just the news of the day or do you also want to take a broader look at trends and consider implications for the future of your business?

If you are a digital marketer only interested in SEO, SEM, CRO or other specific tasks and trends (we work with tech geeks like that), there are some very good sources out there. Most of our clients though, are looking for a source with a broader mix of news. And as more and more of us are choosing to have our news curated and delivered to our inboxes, we are choosing very carefully. We’re looking for a trusted source on relevant topics. And we’re NOT looking for dozens of sources to clutter our inboxes.

At GMS we spend a lot of time watching and interpreting trends, both in business, consumer behavior and technology. Here are our top choices of a few we really like. Some are more specialized than others and some are more entertaining. But they are all filled with valuable, timely information for anyone with the goal of staying informed and prepared amid the break-neck pace of change in the business and digital marketing world.

  1. The Hustle – Digest and commentary of tech, business and culture.
  2. Morning Brew – A stock market recap, business news and a small section with lifestyle content.
  3. The Verge – Wide range of technology and social media topics and breaking news.
  4. Small Business Trends – Latest on marketing, management, technology and finance.
  5. Mashable – Popular source for tech, digital culture and entertainment content.
  6. Charged – Daily summary of the top few tech news stories of the moment.
  7. MOZ – Advice, research, how-tos and insights for leveling-up your SEO and online marketing skills.

When you find a story, trend or marketing strategy among these that you’d like to pursue further, contact us. We love working with forward-thinking clients.