Pinterest introduces promoted videoPinterest says it has seen a 60% increase in the number of videos saved by pinners in the last year. The platform also reports that 75% of the content people consume on its site comes from businesses. Up until recently, the company, which has more than 100 million visitors a month, has largely been absent from conversations about videos.

The photo-centric Pinterest is making a big move by beginning to let advertisers purchase ads in the form of short video. In August, the social network rolled out Promoted Videos – ads that users will see in their feed. The main goal of the new tool is to inspire users to take action. The company first began to display ads in the form of promoted pins in 2014, and has since added more advertising products and even e-commerce options.

Each video ad is natively hosted on Pinterest, and users will initially see a short preview in their activity feed. The new ads will show up in a silent, GIF-like format within the feed, and once clicked, will access a full auto-play video with sound on. Pinners have the option to tap to watch the video ad in full-screen mode. Videos may also be saved for future viewing if desired.

Pinners will be able to click images, or pins, of featured products from up to six related pins that the advertiser can customize to be paired with the video. That could, for instance, bring them to a brand’s website or allow them to buy the product without leaving Pinterest. These pins will be tailored to user interests and interspersed within their personalized feeds.

A desktop version is expected in the future, but currently this new type of pin is only available on mobile. For now, access is limited to the U.S. and UK, according to Pinterest.