If you have never heard of a “meme”, the term can refer to many different things, from funny animal photos to any image with text. Memes have recently become very popular because they can be easy to relate to and easy to share – making them the perfect tool for social media.

One great thing about using memes is you can advertise yourself or a product without it feeling like a generic ad. If the consumer relates to your meme or finds it funny, they may share or like it without even realizing it was advertisement. More shares and likes equals more eyes on your advertisement.

Another reason memes have become so popular is because you do not have to have a degree in graphic design to create a meme. There are numerous websites you can use to create any type of meme your heart could desire.

Finally, memes are great option for social media because to be successful, you just need to be relatable. If you focus on your target audience and try to relate to them (ex. focus on targeting Millennials and Gen Z’ers) you will find the most success.

Go ahead and give a meme a try – you won’t regret it!