Snapchat boasts the highest engagement rate of any social media platform and 2017 is proving to be its year to shine. That means there is a huge potential audience out there for you. Be ready for it, even if you don’t have any Snapchat followers yet. Create content now. Give them a reason to check you out by sending snaps to people you’re following. Once you have some content and are ready to engage, here are some suggestions for building your following:

  1. Understand the platform – Pay attention, and follow, Snapchat influencers, see what content is getting engagement and from who. Then put that kind of content into your Snap plan.
  2. Email marketing – Use your email blasts or e-newsletters to promote engagement on Snapchat.
  3. Add Snap code to your website – Add your username and snapcode to your website and any of your other social media channels.
  4. Cross promote – Share your Snaps and Stories on your other social channels. This gives them a taste of why they’ll want to add you. You can also use those channels to post a straight up request to find you on Snapchat.
  5. Promote some more – Extend your promotion beyond social and online media. Add your snapcode to storefront and POP displays, business cards, etc.
  6. Build relationships
    • Always follow back people who follow you.
    • Create content, Snaps and Stories, on a consistent schedule so followers will come to expect to hear from you.
    • Make your content worthy of their time – and a share! Become that friend they look forward to hearing from.